DJ BeatsPoint is the DJ for DarkMatterLive. I compose my own music and remix!! For booking info please email
Also, huge fan of COSPLAY!!

My new sounds:

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fuck i truly miss this show

Yeah Teen Titans wubbing it out!!!!


fuck i truly miss this show

Yeah Teen Titans wubbing it out!!!!

Working on a remix Contest for BeatPort!

Hey Followers/fans,

Right now I am working on remix for a contest that is happening on Beatport! I am having really fun with remixing the song and I hope you like it, when I am finished with it. Then you will be able to hear it! I will give you link to the remix Contest and you can listen to the original song there. I am pretty sure from there, you will figure out why I am having so much fun! Enjoy the regular song for now, until I come out with my remix!!!!


If you want to vote for it, once I have finished, you will have to make an account on Beat Port to vote! So if you want to go right head. Other than that you can listen to it without making an account. Anyways just keep your eyes open for the link to my remix!

6,000 Hits On Soundcloud!!!!!

I am thanking all of you for spreading the word and listening to my music on soundcloud!!!! It has made it to 6000 hits and even more now! It took less than a year to hit another 1000 on my soundcloud! That make me really Happy! Thank you all so much for what you are doing and keep up it up!!!! No dj makes it by themselves. They need fans to stay alive and wubbing and you guys are growing and spreading the word! Thank You all! Just remember to let your friends know and you remember that if the want a cd, go like my page FB now before it is too late and you don’t have a chance to win a CD (link FB: Don’t worry you will be able to buy one, if you don’t win! Anyways Hope you all of a great weekend!!!!!

PS You should all keep an eye on my page today !!! ^.~

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Posted 23, February, 2014

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